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cuanto tarda
Jorge Alberto Mussuto

Crystal Loop Residence in California by Dennis Gibbens Architects

This Palm Springs residence was designed and created by Dennis Gibbens of Dennis Gibbens Architects. It is brand new construction and the design embraces the outdoor lifestyle that’s a must-have in Palm Springs. The home will be primarily used as a weekend home, so the homeowners wanted something fairly low maintenance.

Upon arrival, guests enter into a private and enclosed courtyard garden that exudes modernism and reflects the simplicity of desert-living. It’s totally Palm Springs.

The modern feeling continues in the interior of the home with the white terrazzo tile flooring and simple white walls. Each bathroom is fitted with the same tiles, hardware and fixtures for continuity. It feels casual inside, and great for entertaining. The outdoor areas are covered and the glass doors and wall of windows marry the indoors and outdoors. There are two bedroom suites located at opposite ends of the home, joined by the large living/dining space.

The home is part of an exclusive, private neighborhood, whose amenities comprise a tranquil swimming pool, an upscale clubhouse and architecturally-landscaped gardens.

Architect/Interior Designer: Dennis Gibbens of Dennis Gibbens Architects
Completion Date: October 2008
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 3
Square Footage: 2560

Photography by Nazy Alvarez and Ryan Turner

Klipsch’s black / white Image S4i and S4 earbuds filtering out to stores

Darren Murph
apple audio canalphones color colored colors earbds earbud headphone headphones image s4 image s4i ImageS4 ImageS4i in-ear in-ear headphones In-earHeadphones klipsch music on sale OnSale s4 s4i white.
We told you they’d be coming (as we discovered during our tour of Klipsch’s Indianapolis campus), and now those deliciously black / white colored Image S4 and Image S4i earbuds are finally making their way out to the general populace. Vann’s already has the Image S4 in white up for pre-order, while Apple stores are set to receive their Image S4i (includes an in-line microphone for iPhone yappin’) any day now. The former will sell for $79 while the latter demands an extra Jackson, but it’s safe to say that either will put Apple’s own white earbuds to shame.
Gallery: Klipsch Image S4 and Image S4i in white

Vancouver 2010, part 1 of 2

Today is Day 8 of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver Canada, almost the halfway mark, and it’s time to have a look at the activities in British Columbia. Over 100 medals have been awarded so far, with the United States, Germany, Norway and Canada leading the medal race. This year’s event has been nicknamed by some as the Glitch Games, with more than its share of problems, from a malfunctioning cauldron on opening night to weather problems and course troubles. VANOC officials said they were working on the issues they could control, and were optimistic as athletes continued to deliver amazing performances in the many venues around Vancouver. Collected here are some photos from Days 1-8, with more to follow in another entry after the closing ceremony. (45 photos total)

iPodTotal – todo sobre iPod, iTunes, iPhone y Apple TV
2/19/10 8:14 AM

Fundas iPod touch

Tunewear presentó un nuevo accesorio para iPod touch. En este caso es una funda llamada Tunewallet. A diferencia de otras fundas la Tunewallet no solo protege el iPod touch sino que tiene lugar para los contenidos de una billetera.

Esta funda se abre como un libro para permitir el acceso a la pantalla del iPod touch y los bolsillos para las tarjetas de crédito. La funda permite el acceso cómodo a los puertos y controles e incluye un protector de pantalla y un paño para limpiarla. leer más »

Friday Songs

Any Genre Goes
2/18/10 6:38 PM

Not alot of Friday songs did what I could to find them , but this is all I came up with enjoy !!!!!! 1 . The Easybeats – Friday on My Mind. 2 . Blind Ravage – Friday Fish 3 . Genesis – Get ’em Out By Friday. 4 . Kenny Baker & Joe Greene – Friday Night Waltz 5 . Bulldog Breed – Friday Hill 6 . Steely Dan – Black Friday 7 . The Cure – Friday I’m in Love

Herramienta para analizar páginas Web con código malicioso.

FileInsight es una herramienta gratuita de McAfee ideal para analizar páginas con código malicioso.
Entre sus características destaca:

Permite analizar e importar estructuras en C y C++.
Decodifica códigos en IA-32.
Decodifica scripts en JavaScript.
Contiene plugins de análisis automatizado y un plugin para enviar el fichero a Virustotal para un análisis completo.
Es una herramienta ideal para investigar páginas con código malicioso, tanto para un análisis forense como para una auditoria. FileInsight solo está disponible para la plataforma Windows.

Descarga de FileInsight:

Tutorial de uso de FileInsight:

Autor: Alvaro Paz
Fuente: Guru de la Informática