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How To Ignore a Software Update

How To Ignore a Software Update: “

My Software Update application keeps asking me to install these Digital Camera Raw Compatibility updates, but I don’t have an SLR or any camera that shoots RAW images, so I’d rather not install that update. How can I get Software Update to stop asking me?

It’s easy to tell Software Update that you’re not interested in a particular update–its feelings won’t even be hurt. Just highlight the update in the list, and either press the Backspace key or go to Update > Ignore Update in the menubar. That update will disappear from the list, and Software Update will never bother you about it again.

Sorry, Digital Camera Raw Compatibility–you’re not invited to my update party.

But what if you get a shiny new SLR for your birthday and decide you want those compatibility updates after all? No worries. Fire up Software Update, and choose Software Update > Reset Ignored Updates, which adds all the ignored updates back to your list, where you can download and install them, or re-ignore them, at your leisure.


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