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Folder and tag renaming

Folder and tag renaming: “

Post by Wiktor Gworek, 20% task force (Krakow, Poland)

Last year we announced that we wanted to hear your wish list for features in Google Reader, and one of most highly requested features was the ability to rename folders and tags. Today we are rolling out this feature with a little bit of Polish help from Krakow.

You can rename folders and tags on the settings page:

Renaming on the settings page

And you can also edit these names right from the contextual menu in your subscription list.

Renaming from contextual menu

Also, as we announced last week, today we’ve disabled offline access through Gears, and phased out support for older browsers.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please head over to our help forums, or send us a message on Twitter.


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