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Droid 2 review

Droid 2 review: “

Even by mid-2010 standards, Verizon’s original Droid still looks and feels thoroughly modern — after all, it set a pretty high benchmark for the upper end of Android’s product portfolio when it launched late last year, and Motorola has managed to keep it updated through two major revisions of the platform along the way (in fact, it’s still just one of a very few devices running Froyo commercially at this point). That said, it’s got a handful of minor design flaws, none of which are really showstoppers in and of themselves but add up to make the phone a little less enjoyable to use than it could’ve been.

That’s where the Droid 2 comes in: a phone that’s less of an all-new, blockbuster product like the Droid X or EVO 4G and more of a genuine ‘version 2.0’ type of effort — hence the name, we suppose — targeting some specific pain points we all experienced with the first-generation device. And just because it doesn’t have the beastly, in-your-face appeal of the Droid X doesn’t mean Verizon isn’t considering it an important device; quite the contrary, actually, rolling out a big new ad campaign and making it the first Droid model to be offered in an official R2-D2 version (and let’s be real: you can never downplay the significance of a gadget with a good Star Wars angle).

To put it plainly: on the heels of the Droid, the Droid 2’s got some big shoes to fill. Let’s find out whether they’ve pulled it off.

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