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Optimize images for Desktop Background display from

I have a large number of irregularly shaped images that I use as Desktop Backgrounds. In Desktop & Screen Saver preferences, ‘Fill Screen’ or ‘Fit to Screen’ makes small images ugly, and ‘Center’ crops large images quite badly — and I’d rather keep all the images in one folder, and displayed properly. I wrote a script to pad small images to the screen size, and large images to the screen aspect ratio. It works on the Finder selection and overwrites the input files, so use duplicates. Open the script in AppleScript Editor and change _screenWidth and _screenHeight to match your display. Now, with ‘Fill Screen’ selected, padded images are always displayed correctly (with a black border), and un-padded images (for me, photos) fill the whole display.

Image events can’t read the dimensions of some images such as PICT files. The script will pass over these, and other non-image …


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