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This CD is one that you will try to wear out by replaying it.

Hilary Kole – Haunted Heart (2009)

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Hilary Kole - Haunted Heart (2009)


Hilary Kole – Haunted Heart (2009)
Vocal | FLAC, CUE, LOG | Rip by EAC, Front Cover Included | 282MB | 1CD
Label: Justin Time Records | Hotfile + FileServe


Hilary Kole’s musical voice and style fit the timeless quality of all good ballad singers. Two songs particularly embody the best in musical storytelling. “Blackberry Winter” will make you cry and make you want to play it again. “The Snake” is a cautionary tale for all ages that brings a shudder and a chuckle. The Title song is sung almost as well as Jo Stafford sings it, and that is high praise indeed. This CD is one that you will try to wear out by replaying it.

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