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Well-designed internals keeps your accessories organized and in place, even after a bit of shaking.

Review: Crumpler Moderate Embarrassment Messenger Bag

from MACLIFE Magazine Apple by Nic Vargus

A perfect laptop messenger only needs a few features. It needs to fit your laptop and accessories, it needs to be comfortable, and it needs to not be so brain-numbingly ugly that you don’t want to wear it for fear of humiliation. So it’s with great delight, and a small dose of irony, that we present to you the “Moderate Embarrassment” messenger, a bag that fills all three criterions.

Well-designed internals keeps your accessories organized and in place, even after a bit of shaking.  There’s a spot for pens, two zipped-off pouches, and plenty of Velcro to keep your stuff in place. By supplying its own built-in padded protection sleeve, the Crumpler alleviates the need for a case for your Macbook at all (13 & 15 inch only), and can easily fit an iPad as well.

moderate 2
The strap is sturdy and has an adjustable spongy pad to keep your shoulder comfortable during long treks. It opens and closes in a snap thanks to well-placed Velcro. Even the plastic buckles seem to be made superiorly to a majority of bags we’ve tested.

Our only beef is the bag’s bright-green interior, which is fine on its own, but when coupled with the “rotten orange” (their words, not ours) and grey exterior, looks a bit out of place. There are other color options out there for those not wishing to be moderately embarrassed – each slightly less garish than our beloved “rotten orange” version – ranging from all black with green interior, to brown and red with blue interior.


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