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Oct 31, 2010 (2 days ago)Topaz Photoshop Plugins from :: Mac in ze box

1- Topaz.Adjust.v4.1.0.MacOSX
Quickly and easily make your photos stunning by using Topaz Adjust’s creative exposure, powerful detail enhancement, and unique color manipulation tools.

2- Topaz.Clean.v3.0.2.MacOSX
Take control of the extensive smoothing capabilities of the new Topaz Clean 2 Photoshop plug-in to add gripping one-of-a-kind enhancements to any photo.

3- Topaz.DeJPEG.v4.0.2.MacOSX
Topaz DeJPEG enhances the quality of JPEG photos by enhancing photo details while eliminating JPEG compression artifacts, mosquito noise, and image blur. Topaz DeJPEG is specifically designed to make your compressed JPEG photos look the best they possibly can.

4- Topaz.DeNoise.v5.0.1.MacOSX
The Topaz DeNoise 5 image noise reduction plug-in uses IntelliNoise™ technology to optimally remove noise and recover image detail.

5- Topaz.Detail.v2.0.5.MacOSX
Topaz Detail 2 employs one-of-a-kind advanced technology to optimally remove, recover and enhance image detail…without halos or artifacts.

6- Topaz.ReMask.v2.0.5.MacOSX
Topaz ReMask is specifically engineered to supercharge the masking and extraction workflow for photographers and designers within Photoshop. Other masking tools – both within Photoshop and other third party filters – require intricate brushing, sampling, and refining for a detailed mask. Topaz ReMask, on the other hand, does all the heavy lifting while requiring a minimum of user input.

7- Topaz.Simplify.v3.0.2.MacOSX
The Topaz Simplify plug-in transforms regular photos into beautiful watercolors, line art, and photorealistic paintings.

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