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Ben Brooks’ MacBook Air review

These are the kind of reviews that I like. They don’t follow any pattern, nor are they trying to compare it with everything else under the sun, nor are they overtly TechCrunch “OMG this is magical” fanboyish. These are the kind of reviews that will tell you:

The overall taper of the computer’s base also makes a difference when you are typing — have you ever noticed that most standalone keyboards are higher in the back that they are in the front? So too is the MacBook Air’s keyboard due to the natural taper of the machine, I would assume that the angle is even greater on the 11” model than it is on the 13”.

What this means to the user is that you have a more comfortable feeling experience than you do on those flat (retro) MacBook Pros. Just as important is the thickness of the computers base.


AnandTech suspects that Apple is running some sort of custom firmware developed to optimize the performance of the MacBook Air and Mac OS X – just like they do on all their systems. I would agree whole heartedly with this assessment. There should be no reason that my old MacBook Pro w/ SSD would take longer to boot or sleep/wake-up than the slower MacBook Air does.

We are not talking about a small difference here, it is on the magnitude of 9-13 seconds difference. The only thing that makes sense is that the firmware in the MacBook Air has much tighter optimization and integration with the OS and hardware than the MacBook Pro did with its 3rd party SSD drive. Whatever Apple has done the difference is obvious and very welcome.

I quote liberally because there’s a lot more in that review. Great pictures, too.


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