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Agile Web Solutions 1Password 3

Agile Web Solutions’ 1Password 3 is one of the best password management tools available. Several robust and powerful features make it nearly indispensible.

Changes for version 3.5.1 (build #30802)

Published 2010-11-15

This update includes improvements and bug fixes.

Full Changelog

    New Added support for the new Firefox 4 beta #7. Please note that Http Auth support is not available at the moment.

    Changed Added a workaround to prevent Chrome from forgetting to clear the Secure Input mode.

    Changed Added support for Go&Fill keyboard shortcut to Chrome.

    Changed Chrome extension now uses keyboard shortcut settings defined in 1Password > Preferences > Logins.

    Changed Several small bug fixes in Chrome.

    Changed Improved automatic updater.

    Fixed Autosave is now working with Firefox 4.

    Fixed Fixed problem clearing search parameters after item edit.

    Fixed Fixed problem with folder name selection being lost when adding new folder.

    Fixed Go & Fill in Chrome now supports autosubmit.


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