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Apple may ditch Intel chips in Macs, says Bloomberg from Engadget by Terrence O’Brien

Apple may ditch Intel chips in Macs says Bloomberg 

According to Bloomberg Apple is considering a move away from Intel chips for its cherished Mac line. The move would be the third major CPU shift for the brand which has previously relied on Motorola 68000 and Power PC chips. The move away from Intel could also mean a move away from x86 as Apple has been heavily invested in its own ARM-based chip designs in recent years. Bloomberg’s sources suggest that Cupertino is actively working on a version of it’s tweaked ARM architecture  that would run inside Mac PC, in particular its laptop products  could stand to benefit from its battery sipping design.

The change will not happen immediately. In fact, the sources said such a move was years away, potentially not happening till 2017. But, as the gulf  between “mobile” and “desktop” products begins to shrink and the boundaries blend , it would only seem to make sense that Apple would look to leverage its high-profile purchase of P.A. Semi  to good use and inch ever closer to being a completely self-reliant corporate entity. We don’t think it’s any secret that Apple would, if it could, design and manufacture every component itself.

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