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Mophie Powerblu Bluetooth headset sneaks through the FCC from Engadget by Jon Fingas

Mophie Powerblu Bluetooth headset sneaks through the FCC 

There’s apparently more to life for Mophie  than power packs, as the accessory designer has pushed its first Bluetooth headset , the Powerblu, through the FCC. In a shock to no one, the stand-out is a separate charging station to keep the earpiece going well past what its internal battery can manage: where the headset normally lasts for four hours of talk on its own, that lifespan grows to 30 when it’s periodically revived through the mothership. Other traits will be familiar to anyone who’s used to wireless earwear, whether it’s a noise-cancelling microphone array, text-to-speech or voice commands. About all that’s left after what we’ve seen is for Mophie to seal the deal with a formal launch.

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