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Raspberry Pi creator doesn’t expect a sequel in 2013 from Engadget by Jon Fingas

Raspberry Pi Model B

If you were hoping for a full-fledged Raspberry Pi sequel this year, you’ll have to keep waiting. Designer Eben Upton tells ZDNet that, while there should eventually be a replacement, he doesn’t expect one in 2013. Both software tweaks and upgrades like the Model B are reportedly doing the job — and it wouldn’t be right to “orphan” the 700,000 existing owners with a new platform, Upton says. He isn’t worried about the Cubieboard and other current rivals, as they have yet to be as fast as their raw numbers suggest. We won’t hide our disappointment at missing out on a quick revamp, but we know what they say about things that aren’t broken.

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Source: ZDNet


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