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Wanderlust with a purpose

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Starting games and not finishing them? Usually that’s a bad thing, since you’ve paid all that money, begged your friends, and/or have limited time to play the game. But this weekend I decided to engage in some good wanderlust. The type of wanderlust that allows you to play a bit of a bunch of games you haven’t played before but you own and you need to really know what they are about.

So here’s what I started and dabbled with this past week or so:

Drakengard – I want to like this game more, but I am fighting the controls and the enemies. Also, blocking doesn’t decrease damage taken a ton. Even on Easy I am stuck in Chapter 3. I did some free missions and got another weapon from one of them, but ultimately those heavy-armored guys with clubs are my biggest weakness and I might have to master dodge-rolling…

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