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Peerby’s Local Lending App Is Ready To Help Neighbours Participate In The Sharing Economy


You’ve got stuff, but not all the stuff you need. Dutch startup and TechStars London first cohort member Peerby is hoping to unlock the use value of that stuff with a collaborative consumption model that features some crucial differences when compared to others who’ve tried to turn caring into sharing for neighbourhoods.

On Peerby, which has already launched successfully and grown at a fairly rapid clip at home in the Netherlands, users post requests for items that they need from their surrounding community, rather than just offering up a list of available “inventory” based on what they owned and are willing to share, the way it works on other networks that have attempted similar things in the past like Neighborgoods and StreetLend.

“We’re launched basically in the whole of Holland,” Peerby co-founder and CTO Eelke Boezeman told me in an interview. “And we’ve got about 15,000 members there. We also…

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