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Seene Uses Computer Vision To Create Unique And Eerie 3D Images On iPhone


It’s not often that I use a new ‘photo capture’ app and impressed by it within seconds. It’s not that there’s not a lot of cool stuff being built out there, it’s just that the frontiers are getting closer and easier to predict.

That’s not true with Seene, an app by computer vision company Obvious Engineering that leverages smartphone sensors and WebGL to present curious and eerie 3D scenes. The app is the product of four-man team including CEO Andrew McPhee and CTO Sam Hare. The ‘seenes’ themselves are images mapped onto a rough 3D model of your subject that give the feeling of being able to shift perspective even after you’ve shot it.

This produces small three-dimensional digital dioramas of a moment in time and space.

The capture process is simple. You tap on the capture button to shoot an image and then turn your device to capture…

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