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Shinola’s Runwell Is A Solid Watch With American Pedigree, But You’ll Pay For The Homegrown Factor


Detroit-based watchmaker Shinola is doing something pretty unique: hand-making watches in the United States, right down to the quartz movements contained within. The startup’s founding team includes some who worked for Swiss movement maker Ronda previously, and they built the company by flying in high-tech watchmaking equipment from Europe, as well as experts to train their Detroit-based workforce in the fine art of assembling timepieces.

The result is a watch that’s on the pricey side for a quartz keeper, starting at $475 and ranging up to $900 for their new chronograph model. And the parts are flown in from Switzerland and Hong Kong, so not made in the U.S. of A, even if they are assembled locally in Michigan’s case study in disastrous metropolitan economics.

It’s expensive for what it is, and in part it seems like the company is hoping to sell on the back of an “American made”…

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