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Gerrymandering game shows you hot it works

Flowing Data

Gerrymandering is the practice of manipulating boundaries in such a way that favors a political party. If you slice and group in various ways, you can end up with different election results.

How many different ways can you draw boundaries though? And can results really change that much, depending on you draw the boundaries? District, by Christopher Walker, is a puzzle game that shows you how it works. The goal: Group circles in such a way that favors your color.

Give it a go.

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Keylogger Found in Audio Driver of HP Laptops, Says Report

 An anonymous reader writes: The audio driver installed on some HP laptops includes a feature that could best be described as a keylogger, which records all the user’s keystrokes and saves the information to a local file, accessible to anyone or any third-party software or malware that knows where to look. Swiss cyber-security firm modzero discovered the keylogger on April 28 and made its findings public today. According to researchers, the keylogger feature was discovered in the Conexant HD Audio Driver Package version and earlier. This is an audio driver that is preinstalled on HP laptops. One of the files of this audio driver is MicTray64.exe (C:\windows\system32\mictray64.exe). This file is registered to start via a Scheduled Task every time the user logs into his computer. According to modzero researchers, the file “monitors all keystrokes made by the user to capture and react to functions such as microphone mute/unmute keys/hotkeys.”

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Byte Podcast 549 – Reporte de Seguridad 2017 de ESET


Esta semana, en Byte Podcast, las noticias incluyen el resumen del Reporte de Seguridad 2017 de ESET y una actualización sobre lo que pasa en Estados Unidos sobre la neutralidad de la red.
Les doy mi recomendación particular de lo que ustedes le pueden regalar a sus madres este 10 de mayo.
Ya están en línea los ganadores de los Webby Awards, y la ceremonia de premiación se acerca.
Hablamos de Software Libre y el apoyo que IBM da a las comunidades, a partir de una reunión en la Ciudad de México con usuarios de Postgresql.