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Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen at Web 2: Apple? Who Needs ‘Em…

_@user_64196.jpgAdobe CEO Shantanu Narayen has come to Web 2 as many times as Mark Zuckerberg, and like the Facebook CEO, he’s had one heckuva year. From the fallout with Apple over Flash to the rumors of a Microsoft takeover (which he’s denied), Narayen has had more than his share of challenges this past 12 months. So it should be interesting to hear what he has to say in two weeks time. Tim had some interesting things to say about Adobe in our webcast yesterday, I’ll post a link once the video is live. Meanwhile, what do you want to hear from Narayen?

While you are at it, click on over to my posts for RIM’s Jim Balsillie,  DST’s Yuri Milner, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Baidu’s Robin Li, Yahoo’s Carol Bartz and Google’s Eric Schmidt and add your thoughts there as well.

Here are a few thought starters:

– Why do you think the stock market liked the idea of a Microsoft purchase so much? (The stock shot up on rumors earlier this month).

– What is the future of Flash? How might it play in a cloud computing world? Could you see “Flash in the cloud”?

– How is the integration of Omniture working out? How does it complement Adobe’s core offerings?

– Are you concerned about questions of privacy, as Flash cookies combined with Omniture are starting to get more notice?

– If Steve Jobs were with us on stage, what would you say to him?

– The criticisms of Flash around performance seem to never go away. What’s your response to them?

– What is Adobe’s position on the Chrome OS and Android?

Please add your thoughts in comments!