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NEWS: Oracle Updates Development Tools For Public Cloud Services

Oracle Technology Network Blog (aka TechBlog) by Laura Ramsey-Oracle

Today the Oracle Database Application Development Tools team released two important updates to the development tools line up. This guest post from Jeff Smith, Senior Principal Product Manager at Oracle, provides the full story.

Oracle Updates Development Tools for Public Cloud Services

by Jeff Smith

Oracle SQL Developer version 4.1 and Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 4.1 are now generally available. The two products empower customers to design, develop, and deploy best-of-breed applications running on-premises or in Oracle Database Cloud Services.

“We are very pleased with the strong adoption of Oracle SQL Developer,” said Michael J. Hichwa, Vice President of Oracle Database Tools. “SQL Developer has been embraced by the developer community as the de-facto standard database IDE for designing, developing, and DBA activities. Don’t let the dot 1 version fool you, this release is packed full of good stuff.”

Oracle SQL Developer version 4.1
Oracle SQL Developer, with its 4,000,000+ active users, serves as the IDE for Oracle SQL and PL/SQL and as the GUI for Oracle Database. In our latest release we have introduced several new features as well as enhanced some of the more popular ones to be easier to use and to provide additional value.

Perhaps the most noteworthy new feature is our one-button-click solution for copying on-premises Oracle Databases to the Oracle Database Cloud Service.

A database administrator simply right-clicks on a 12c Multitenant Pluggable Database and chooses to either move, or copy to their Cloud Service. When the operation is complete, the database is automatically made available in the Oracle Database Cloud Service.

Additionally, Oracle SQL Developer offers tighter integration with Oracle REST Data Services. Starting with the 4.1 release, SQL Developer can now install, configure, and run Oracle REST Data Services version 3.0 without any additional downloads.

SQL Developer will also make automatic RESTful services available for entire schemas or selected tables when connected to an Oracle Database being serviced by Oracle REST Data Services.

Database Administrators can also enjoy a new interface for checking on the activity in their database using SQL Developer’s DB Instance page. All in a single view, administrators can observe critical metrics in real-time around IO, networking, wait events, storage, and more. Each activity graph can be drilled down into a detailed report so that immediate action can be taken to address any problems.

Figure 1: DB Status Page in Version 4.1 of Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler version 4.1
Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler provides a no-cost solution for designing and deploying both Oracle Database and Oracle Big Data Appliance data models. Version 4.1 continues to add additional support for taking advantage of new Oracle Database 12c features.

Support for comparing physical data mode elements such as storage properties for tables, PL/SQL code objects, and security around users, roles, and their permissions is now available. In addition, users are able to define user defined properties or import them from existing Oracle Designer or ERWin data models.